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The Health Tourism Blog is written by Keith Pollard, a regular speaker and commentator on medical tourism and the independent healthcare sector.  The Health Tourism Blog addresses some of the challenges and issues faced in the health tourism and medical travel sector, and provides suggestions on how both the industry and the individual participants can maximise the business opportunities that the marketplace presents.

  • What class of medical tourist do you want to attract? Contrast of social classNew research looking at cosmetic surgery tourism shows that different destinations are targeting potential customers in different ways with different messages. Whether this is intentional segmentation or is because the destination believes all of its customers come from a particular segment is up for discussion. 11/04/2012
  • Cosmetic surgery tourism: Keeping the customer satisfied... Happy patient with laptopIn the 2012 Treatment Abroad Medical Tourism Survey, one of the clear conclusions is that cosmetic surgery patients are hard to please! The survey attracted over 1,000 participants and explores the experiences of patients who have gone abroad for some form of surgery or medical or dental treatment. 23/03/2012
  • New standards for cosmetic surgery in Europe... Have your say! Businessman typing on laptopThe recent PIP implants controversy has raised more concerns about regulation, operation and standards within the cosmetic surgery industry. In the UK, the Guardian newspaper has recently highlighted private cosmetic clinics that employ surgeons to carry out breast enlargements, nose jobs and tummy tucks who do not hold qualifications as plastic surgeons within the NHS. 09/02/2012
  • Cosmetic surgery tourism and the PIP implant controversy Woman having consultation with a doctorThe PIP breast implant controversy continues to grab the headlines across Europe. Concerns have been raised by women who have had their breast implants as cosmetic surgery tourists. What do they do if they have received a PIP (or a Rofil M) implant in a cosmetic surgery clinic in another country? Research by Treatment Abroad shows that UK patients may be less at risk than if they had gone for... 19/01/2012
  • We need to talk about Kevin... Businessmen looking at laptopThis week I have been prompted to consider what's going on the wider world of blogging and online content... what blogging is about and why I write this blog. 18/11/2011
  • Protecting your brand on the internet...beware the brandjacker! Man in suit using laptopThe internet is a great place to market your medical tourism services but because it is difficult to police, it can be easy for a domain name speculator to hijack your brand. Businesses can find that having spent years developing and investing in a brand, one day along comes a domain name speculator or brandjacker who aims to profit from the brand value and customer loyalty that legitimate... 14/10/2011
  • Cosmetic surgery gone wrong....Is cosmetic surgery tourism safe? Cosmetic surgery patient and medical staffA new survey of members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons highlights the concerns that American plastic surgeons have about cosmetic surgery abroad. It's a commonly recurring theme within the profession. 15/08/2011
  • Google abandons plans for personal health records Doctors using computerGoogle has announced that it plans to retire Google Health in January 2012. It's a blow to those in the medical tourism world who had grand plans for the global patient record and who were using the Google health record as the model or template for this. 01/07/2011
  • Believe what your customers do...not what they say! Consumers taking actionA recent article in Harvard Business Review, Four Simple Low Resolution Innovation Tests highlights the problem faced by anyone who is considering investment in the medical tourism business. How can you know whether people will actually buy your service i.e. whether patients will actually travel abroad to use your services? 17/06/2011
  • Medical tourism: After the gold rush Crowd at medical tourism conferenceLast year, I blogged about Medical tourism...lessons from the California gold rush. It's taken me a while to write the postscript to this, but I finally got around to it last week when I spoke at the European Medical Travel Conference in Barcelona. 06/05/2011
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About me

Keith Pollard

Keith Pollard

I am CEO of Intuition Communication Ltd, a web publishing business in the healthcare sector. Our sites include International Medical Travel Journal, Treatment Abroad, the medical tourism portal, DoctorInternet, the Arabic medical tourism portal and Private Healthcare UK, the UK's leading site for private healthcare services. I am a regular speaker and commentator on medical tourism and the independent healthcare sector.