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The Health Tourism Blog is written by Keith Pollard, a regular speaker and commentator on medical tourism and the independent healthcare sector.  The Health Tourism Blog addresses some of the challenges and issues faced in the health tourism and medical travel sector, and provides suggestions on how both the industry and the individual participants can maximise the business opportunities that the marketplace presents.

  • European Union medical travel Directive gets the nod from the Lords Feb 25 2009The EU Directive on Cross Border Healthcare is making it's way through the labyrinth of British government. Slow progress, but it's progress towards a European market in healthcare. The House of Lords EU Committee have welcomed the proposal from the European Commission for a Directive on patients' rights to cross-border healthcare. The Committee has called for improvements and has warned that,... 25/02/2009
  • The smoke and mirrors of medical tourism Feb 18 2009When is a medical tourism facilitator a medical travel agent? According to our Medical Tourism Survey in 2008, around a third of UK medical tourists make their arrangements through a medical tourism facilitator. In some countries, such facilitators account for an even greater share of the market, and their influence is growing. The concern of many is the uncontrolled growth of the sector and the... 18/02/2009
  • What can medical tourism learn from previous recessions? Jan 15 2009How will the medical tourism sector fare in a global recession that's affecting everything from house prices to car sales to polar bears and dog ownership! If unemployment in the Western world climbs to record levels in the coming year, is this good news or bad news for the healthcare sector? 15/01/2009
  • How well written are medical tourism web sites? Jan 12 2009For many medical travellers, the first point of contact with a hospital or clinic is usually a web site (see the Treatment Abroad Medical Tourism Survey 2008). And since many patients are seeking healthcare providers where communication in the English language is important, the web site is an important factor in patient choice. A site written in poor English reflects badly on the service offered... 12/01/2009
  • What can Google tell us about medical tourism? googleWho knows what's going on in healthcare? Who knows what conditions and disorders are causing people problems? Who knows what's happening in medical tourism? Google! Google is a treasure chest of information about how people are behaving and what issues are concerning them. Google logs the online activity and search behaviour of hundreds of millions of users. It knows what you and I do on the web... 12/01/2009
  • Marketing in the medical tourism downturn Markets in turmoilThere are conflicting views on how the global financial crisis is affecting medical tourism. The view expressed by organisations such as the Medical Tourism Association is that the "...with the economy and the credit crisis, more people are waking up and paying attention (to medical tourism)." 08/01/2009
  • Medical tourism: Survival of the fittest? Dec 1 2008No industry is immune from global recession, and that has to be the case for the growing medical tourism industry. In past recessions, businesses in the healthcare sector have perhaps suffered less than others; in a recession, people still get ill, and it's often difficult to delay expenditure on healthcare. But there are some indicators that medical tourism is begining to feel the pinch. 01/12/2008
  • How to run a medical tourism conference... Nov 13 2008Autumn is conference season, and it seems that medical tourism is becoming the most talked about subject on the conference platform. Three years ago, there was little interest in this area, but in 2008 it seems that every events company and association has jumped on the conference bandwagon. 13/11/2008
  • Medical tourism: The answer to the global healthcare problem? The staff of Clinica Fertia have international experience A recent article from McKinsey International highlights the magnitude of the challenge that leaders of governments in the developed countries are going to have to deal with sooner rather than later. The article looks at the increasing proportion of a country's wealth that is going to be dedicated to the health of its citizens in future years. 13/11/2008
  • Medical tourism ratings and reviews Oct 22 2008It's been a couple of months since we launched medical tourism ratings and reviews. It's met with a variable response from the medical tourism industry, and from the patients themselves. Medical tourism ratings and reviews at Treatment Abroad enables patients to provide feedback on their experience of travelling for treatment abroad. The Ratings and Reviews system is integral to our business... 22/10/2008
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About me

Keith Pollard

Keith Pollard

I am CEO of Intuition Communication Ltd, a web publishing business in the healthcare sector. Our sites include International Medical Travel Journal, Treatment Abroad, the medical tourism portal, DoctorInternet, the Arabic medical tourism portal and Private Healthcare UK, the UK's leading site for private healthcare services. I am a regular speaker and commentator on medical tourism and the independent healthcare sector.