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The Health Tourism Blog is written by Keith Pollard, a regular speaker and commentator on medical tourism and the independent healthcare sector.  The Health Tourism Blog addresses some of the challenges and issues faced in the health tourism and medical travel sector, and provides suggestions on how both the industry and the individual participants can maximise the business opportunities that the marketplace presents.

  • The outlook for medical tourism in 2010 planeBefore looking forward to 2010, let's look back and assess where medical tourism is now. So, was 2009 a good year for medical tourism? In 2009, we heard medical tourism experts across the world continue to talk up the potential for medical tourism without any sound basis in reality. It's in the interests of some within the industry to boost the profile of medical tourism and frankly to exaggerate... 14/01/2010
  • The opportunities for Korea in medical tourism Dec 4 2007South Korea is a country that has come late to the medical tourism game, but it may in the long term become one of the winners. Perhaps initially attracted by the inflated forecasts that are touted around the medical tourism industry by industry experts and commentators, Korea has however taken a more realistic view of where its success may lie. 14/12/2009
  • Budapest: the dental capital of Europe Patients going abroad for dentistryA recent visit to Budapest, the dental capital of Europe made me consider the perception of medical travel. Many people think that if you're travelling abroad for treatment because it is far cheaper, then the standard of services can in no way match what you would expect in your home market. Hungary's dental treatment providers provide a strong contradiction to this perception. I was speaking at... 19/10/2009
  • Practice makes perfect...a message for medical tourism providers and patients Jan 12 2009In the largest ever study of hospital mortality rates published in the UK,"death rates for emergency patients jump 6 per cent when newly qualified doctors start work. The Health Services Journal reports that "the traditional first day for NHS doctors is the first Wednesday in August. Researchers found that patients brought into hospital the week before were more likely to survive.....Researchers... 29/09/2009
  • Transparency and fraud in health tourism Nov 11 2007One of the criticisms of buying services via the web is that you cannot always be sure with whom you are actually dealing. This is especially true in the field of health and medical tourism. 22/09/2009
  • Dental tourism...Let's work together Patients going abroad for dentistryThe Irish Dental Association is the most recent medical professionals body to publish a "survey" raising doubts about medical tourism. In a recent press release from the Irish Dental Association, they state that "3 out of every 4 Irish dentists are treating patients for problems arising from treatment abroad. Let's take a look at the background to the survey, and examine some of the real concerns... 17/09/2009
  • Increase in IVF tourism in Europe Nov 26 2007At Treatment Abroad, we've seen increasing interest from IVF clinics abroad that are experiencing significant growth in patient numbers from the UK and other European countries.The latest report from the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology confirms an increase in IVF treatment abroad, The report surveys infertility clinics in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovenia,... 01/07/2009
  • Medical tourism and a medical city ...a lesson from history Woman in wheelchair on a beach abroadBack in the mid 1990's, before someone, somewhere coined the term medical tourism, I was a UK Marketing Director with an American owned hospital company. We were big in medical tourism.... but in those days, it was known as the international patient business. One day, I got a call from a head-hunter, promising big money for an opportunity that surely I wouldn't want to miss.... 11/06/2009
  • NHS Patient Choice - Lessons for medical tourism Mar 25 2009In the UK, "patient choice" is one of the driving forces in healthcare. Since April 2008, patient choice has been extended in the UK. Patients can choose which hospital they are treated in....anywhere in the country. Patients can choose the time of their hospital appointment. In some cases, patients can choose the individual consultant they see. 28/05/2009
  • A word of warning for medical tourism companies Dec 1 2006A woman from Wales who underwent cosmetic surgery in Belgium is bringing a test case against the Belgian clinic in the UK courts.The patient is suing the clinic after undergoing a face-lift and upper and lower eye surgery in 2005. She claims that she has been left with scarring around the eyes and the ears and has experienced numbness of the face. 21/04/2009
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Keith Pollard

Keith Pollard

I am CEO of Intuition Communication Ltd, a web publishing business in the healthcare sector. Our sites include International Medical Travel Journal, Treatment Abroad, the medical tourism portal, DoctorInternet, the Arabic medical tourism portal and Private Healthcare UK, the UK's leading site for private healthcare services. I am a regular speaker and commentator on medical tourism and the independent healthcare sector.