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Medical tourism report: “Travelling for health: The potential for medical tourism”

Medical tourism report: “Travelling for health: The potential for medical tourism”


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Report summary

The new medical tourism report from the Economist Intelligence Unit ‘Travelling for health: the potential for medical tourism’, has some surprising results when it looks at what is behind the growth of the medical tourism industry, and which destination countries it thinks will benefit most. The “Travelling for health” report assesses data from 60 countries to pinpoint which countries offer the best combination of the factors that drive the medical tourism business. These factors are medical expertise, low costs, and a secure environment for both the patients and the private healthcare companies.

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Key topics covered in the report

An overview of the medical tourism industry

  • Background information on the industry and its recent growth
  • Implications for governments, healthcare providers and insurers
  • Assessment of market size


Industry drivers

  • An analysis of the "push" and "pull" factors behind the growth of the medical tourism industry


Medical tourism index

  • Ranking of the twenty countries who look set to take the lead in the medical tourism industry
  • Countries are ranked on a series of factors related to expertise, cost, familiarity, geographical proximity and riskiness
  • Includes three additional rankings that focus on the strength of a country's medical system, its proximity and riskiness, and its cost
  • A ranking of the top ten "low-cost" medical tourism countries is also provided


Regional analysis of medical tourism

  • Analysis of the demand, supply and legislation for medical tourism in the U.S, Europe and Asia
  • Analysis of notable countries and healthcare companies



  • Evaluation of the main issues currently facing medical tourism, namely: government policy, the potential for public-private partnerships, quality control and international accreditation 


Save 15% on the normal price