Medical travellers are to leisure, what MICE is to business


Accommodation during treatment: Medical facilities and hotels

Facilities and accommodation providers both cater to the needs of medical travellers, but the relationship is still tentative

Check-up and check in

With medical travel creating a buzz as Asia-Pacific’s current “sunrise industry”, a growing number of accommodation providers are beginning to take notice. Many visitor-patients would rather recuperate in less hospital-like surroundings, after all, and since most are escorted on their travels by a family member or companion, the medical-travel industry presents significant opportunities for the hospitality sector.

Despite the obvious synergies between health facilities and hotels and serviced apartments, interviews IMTJ conducted with players from both sides in different regional markets revealed varying stages of initiatives and success. Like the medical-travel industry itself, this area of business is evolving daily as entities size up each other’s needs and determine long-term benefits. Here is the state of play in some key markets.

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