The old models have failed, but what replaces them?


Medical tourism is broken... but not dead.

The word bankruptcy derives from the Italian phrase “banca rotta”, which means "broken bench" (which is believed to refer to the custom of breaking a moneychanger's bench to signify his insolvency).

I believe conventional medical tourism is broken. And I believe that it not only needs to be fixed but also that it needs to be re-conceptualized and practised in a way which is in accord with contemporary thinking.

Bankruptcy does not mean death. (Thanks to “Chapter 11” bankruptcy introduced by the inventive Americans). Chapter 11 is a form of bankruptcy that allows for an attempt to reorganize and revive a business. Chapter 11 gives the “debtor” a chance of a fresh start.

For a number of years, I have been ranting that conventional medical tourism (i.e. medical tourism as the industry “purists” consider it) is a bankrupt model. In my written and spoken word, I have (from time to time) been referring to “contemporary medical tourism” to make the point and distinction.

The bankruptcy of medical tourism does not mean the death of medical tourism

…the king is dead – long live the king

With regards to medical tourism, I have been championing the rehabilitation or redirection-ing of what I consider to be an unsustainable conventional model.

For many, “medical tourism” (or medical travel) is “king”. I will not dispute this. Nevertheless, my contention has been that the conventional model is not sustainable.

The purist’s view of medical tourism...

... is a distorted notion of reality. The conventional or purist’s view holds that:

  •     Low price is the principle driver.
  •     There will always be “source countries” and “destination countries”.
  •     Medical tourism, on its own, is enough to successfully sustain a destination.
  •     It is all about “treatment abroad”.
  •     With treatment abroad, patients will select from a Global choice.
  •     People will embrace medical tourism because they have to (i.e. they have no other choice in terms of treatment options)

The contemporary view of medical tourism holds that:

  •     Value-for-money is one of the principle drivers (which may, certainly, not mean the lowest cost option).
  •     Source countries are becoming destination countries (what in 2008, I started referring to as the “West’s Revenge”).
  •     Medical tourism, on its own, is not enough to sustain a destination (see this IMTJ article).
  •     It is not exclusively about treatment abroad. Domestic medical tourism is picking up, especially in the USA, and besides, domestic medical tourism is at least as old as treatment abroad
  •     With treatment abroad, patients are selecting from a regional, and even national, choice
  •     People will embrace medical tourism because they want to (even though they have other options)

Discovering what others have discarded

Many have still not realized that in medical tourism, the contemporary is replacing, or has already replaced, the conventional.

Veteran purists, out of self-interest or brain-blind conservatism, continue to play the role of false prophets, predicting the exponential growth of conventional medical tourism - “in leaps and bounds”.

And, as if this was not bad enough, we read the writings of medical tourism experts, writers, bloggers and sycophants who have just discovered the now defunct and discredited mantras and arguments in support of thinking and doing medical tourism, in the good old way. And of course, what they do is “copy and paste” these mantras and arguments to newly-penned articles or blog posts.

All I can say is “each to one’s own”, when it comes to where one picks up advice and wisdom!


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