What is the true state of the medical tourism industry?


What is the true state of the medical tourism industry in 2017? IMTJ reflects on the latest trends in medical travel,  and provides a roundup of some of the mostly widely read articles of the year so far.

1)Is the medical tourism market growing?

IMTJ explores the declining outbound medical tourism from the Gulf nations, as social and economic factors drive down the numbers of patients travelling abroad for treatment. We also look at the increasing number of patients seeking fertility treatment abroad, with visits up by more than 25% on last year.

IMTJ is hosting the Medical Travel Summit 2018 to further discuss the shape of the medical tourism market, and its future, with a specific Forum covering Fertility Travel

2)The unique value proposition in medical tourism…what’s yours?

It is claimed that the lack of a unique value proposition (UVP) is amongst the most common shortcomings in medical tourism marketing. IMTJ Managing Editor Keith Pollard tells you everything you need to know about what makes a successful UVP.

3)India medical tourism market: Worth $8 billion? The reality...

The value of India’s lucrative medical tourism market is assessed. A bold claim that the value of the market will reach $8 billion dollars by 2020 is evaluated, with the real figures exposed.

IMTJ has recently updated medical tourism numbers for India, amongst many other countries. Purchase an IMTJ Country Subscription to gain access to a full range of comprehensive medical tourism figures and up-to-date medical tourism commentary.

4)NHS shortcomings driving fertility treatment abroad

Increasing pressure on NHS budgets and a shortage of donors all negatively affect IVF treatment provided by the NHS. These shortcomings, along with high-costs, are encouraging British patients to seek infertility treatment abroad.

5)Reflections on the ‘medical tourism’ market

This article reports upon the medcial tourism market following the Global Healthcare Policy and Management Forum that was held in South Korea, 2016. Referencing on-going scholarly debates, the short report identifies key lessons from the forum that can inform the direction of future scholarly engagement with medical tourism.



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