The World-Wide Business Guide is a new, 600-page, report by Ian Youngman


Medical Tourism 2008 - The World-Wide Business Guide is a new 600-page business report by IMTJ contributor Ian Youngman.

By 2010 medical travel is expected to be a $40-billion business, with over 780 million patients seeking care outside their principal country of residence. It is a huge worldwide business, but until now, reports and books have been aimed at patients.

This groundbreaking report investigates from a business perspective what is happening and will happen worldwide in all types of medical and health tourism.

The report asks ;

  •     Why is it happening?
  •     Where is demand coming from?
  •     Where are people going?
  •     Who is offering or planning to offer services?
  •     What is the relationship to insurance?
  •     Who are the top countries now?
  •     Who will be the top countries in 2012?
  •     Are there problems?

Key points;

  •     Medical tourism is one of the fastest growing world business sectors
  •     There is a vast amount of misinformation about it online.
  •     It includes health and wellness tourism.
  •     Insurers can no longer ignore it.
  •     Many countries tourism income increasingly depends on it.
  •     There is a mushrooming of unregulated intermediaries
  •     An increasing number of government and state agencies are involved

The report comes as seven modules. The five Country modules profile 96 countries. There are separate modules for Asia, Americas, Middle East, Europe, Africa/Australasia. The Agencies and Information websites module covers over 400 sites. The Background module includes Statistics, Customers, Types of treatment, Associations. Accreditation, Intermediaries, Insurance, Problem areas and much more .

Ian Youngman comments “ Since writing on medical tourism and travel for IMTJ  it has become clear that while there are lots of websites and a few books aimed at customers, and a handful of academic publications, what information there is for businesses and other organisations is scattered, often contradictory, and frequently spun in favour of a particular country. My report aims to provide an unbiased  detailed overview of what is happening and will happen in this increasingly important industry.”

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