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Inbound medical tourism 2019 Under 5,000
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Tourists 2019 2.83 million
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Population 2021 1.4 million
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The reality is that a massive hospital building programme was needed to keep up with demand, population growth, the growth of insurance for locals and expatriate workers, and the increasing obesity of Arabs leading to heart and other problems. Abu Dhabi has seen the opening of many hospitals and international medical centres. There is now an oversupply of hospitals, with 60 hospitals and 700 clinics.


Medical tourism numbers in

Abu Dhabi is increasingly popular as a destination for medical tourists, various local bodies claim, but nobody has any real figures.


Medical tourism numbers out

Many go abroad every year for medical treatment.

The Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) is the chief regulatory body overseeing the healthcare sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. In past years HAAD sent 3,000 to 5,000 patients a year to foreign countries such as Germany, UK and USA. The latest figure is for 2018 at just below 5,000.

This is before Abu Dhabi promoted medical tourism and before new local hospitals were built so current numbers are not known.


Medical tourism promotion

In 2019 Abu Dhabi launched a campaign to attract medical tourists. A partnership between the Department of Health and the Department of Culture and Tourism launched a global marketing campaign to establish the city as a medical tourism destination. The campaign highlighted specific areas of medical excellence and there are medical treatment packages including discounts on attractions. A destination guide was produced. Abu Dhabi’s health and tourism officials have joined in a push to stimulate the emirate’s medical tourism sector with a focus on heart disease, diabetes and other conditions.

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