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Inbound medical tourism 2019 Under 5,000
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Tourists 2019 3.1 million
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Population 2021 45.6 million
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There is little medical tourism marketing. A significant number of actual medical travellers from Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay are not accessing the high cost, high value private health care system within Argentina, but are consumers of lower socioeconomic status, probably primarily accessing the public health system.


Medical tourism numbers in

INPROTUR, the National Institute of Tourism Promotion, has provided various figures over the years for inbound medical tourism, but none after 2016.

  • 2009 6000
  • 2011 10,000
  • 2014 14,000
  • 2016 12,000

According to estimates by Argentina de Turismo Medico, there were 12,000 foreigners who consumed medical services in 2016, representing US$300 million in total turnover.


Medical tourism numbers out

A small number.


Medical tourism promotion

The government has considered medical tourism promotion over the years but plans fell through.

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