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Inbound medical tourism 2019 100,000
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Tourists 2019 38 million
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Population 2021 83.8 million
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German healthcare is one of the best, most efficient, most advanced and most available in the world. Germany owes its leading position to the unparalleled level of collaboration between science, research, industry and medicine.


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Jens Juszczak of the Bonn- Rhein- Sieg University of Applied Sciences has found:


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Between 2006 and 2011 holidays at wellness and spa resorts rose by 30%. By contrast, medical travel has declined, according to the findings of the World Travel Monitor, commissioned by ITB Berlin, over the same period the number of cure, rehabilitation and hospital stays abroad has fallen by 18%.


Medical tourism promotion

The German National Tourist Office has a sales office in Dubai and there promotes the quality of German medical care to Arab patients from Middle East countries, Arab patients mostly travel with their family members and the region works closely with local luxury hotels. This targeting of all the requirements of the patient and wider travelling family, often including several servants, means this region of Germany locks out competitors just offering medical care. Several national and local organisations promote both health tourism and medical tourism.

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