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Inbound medical tourism 2019 70,000
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Tourists 2019 9.1 million
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Population 2021 85.0 million
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Medical facilities are very good in the major cities in Iran but poor in remote areas. Iran offers a wide range of state-of-the-art treatment, through an extensive network of modern hospitals, around 850 hospitals, and rehabilitation centres at reasonable costs. Iranian researchers have made many medical advances recently and Iran is one of the most progressive countries in the region. There is no need for foreign doctors as Iranian doctors are among the most qualified ones in the world.


Medical tourism numbers in

125,000 medical travels arrived in the country in 1398 (the Iranian calendar year ended on March 19, 2020) said the Minister of Health. Iranian hospitals admitted 70,000 foreign patients over the Iranian calendar year 1397 (March 2018 – March 2019) plus over 300,000 outpatients.


Medical tourism numbers out

In 2019, 13,232 trips were made from Iran for medical and health tourism.


Medical tourism promotion

ICHHTO provides travel agencies active in health tourism with special facilities such as a pavilion for them in overseas fairs. ICHHTO has specified certain provinces for health tourism with the co-operation of the ministry of health:

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