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Inbound medical tourism 2019 2,000
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Tourists 2019 8.5 million
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Population 2021 19.0 million
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The government is investing in the health infrastructure by upgrading equipment and facilities while closing small rural hospitals. The public-private mix is changing with 150 private hospitals as well as private clinics. The quality of care in the private sector is mixed. The transition to a modern hospital system is still a work in progress with only a small number of hospitals able to provide specialist care.


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According to the Ministry of Health in 2017 8,000 foreigners had treatment in Kazakhstan.  Ministry figures for 2018 say that 2,000 had planned medical treatment mostly in the cities of Astana and Almaty.


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Medical tourism promotion

The government supports the development of both domestic and foreign medical tourism as it can bring substantial sums to regional health budgets and has great potential. It is developing a programme that will help develop medical tourism with the special focus on high technology services.

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