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Inbound medical tourism 2019 100,000
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Tourists 2019 21.1 million
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Population 2021 37.8 million
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High-quality healthcare, both public and private, is available throughout Poland. Private hospitals and clinics are of a good standard. According to official figures in Poland there are 1,800 hospitals, 1,100 private and 700 public ones.


Medical tourism numbers in

According to the Polish Association of Medical Tourism and the government, medical tourist numbers to Poland:


Medical tourism numbers out

According to a 2018 EU report, the number of medical tourists (ONLY those under the EU Cross-Border Healthcare rules) for 2016 was 8,647.  Adding in private patients could bring the total to 10,000.


Medical tourism promotion

The Polish Tourism Association promotes medical, spa, health and wellness tourism. It highlights health and wellness offerings such as Wieliczka Salt Mine. The goal is to turn Poland into a hot destination for specialist medical treatment and spa beauty treatment.

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