IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2015


The IMTJ Medical Travel Summit took place on April 15-16 2015 at the Royal Garden Hotel in London.

The IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2015 brought together key opinion leaders and senior executives from medical tourism, health tourism businesses and from healthcare providers from across the world. Delegates from over 130 organisations in over 40 countries attended this year’s Summit.

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What do we know about medical tourists?

15 April, 2015

Keith Pollard: IMTJ Summit 2015

What do German medical tourists really want?

15 April, 2015

Petra Reinbacher: IMTJ Summit 2015

Building the Dubai healthcare brand of the future

15 April, 2015

Dr Layla Al Mazourqi: IMTJ Summit 2015

Five-Star Differentiation: Learning lessons from hospitality for healthcare

15 April, 2015

Cassandra Italia: IMTJ Summit 2015

Names and numbers: Taxonomy and definition for the sector

15 April, 2015

László Puczkó: IMTJ Summit 2015

Alternative models for reaching your market

15 April, 2015

Attila Knott: IMTJ Summit 2015

Building reputation in medical travel… The power of the media

15 April, 2015

Steve Bustin: IMTJ Summit 2015

Where have we got it right… and where have we gone wrong?

15 April, 2015

Irving Stackpole: IMTJ Summit 2015

The EU Perspective – What’s in it for the EU patient?

15 April, 2015

John Rowan: IMTJ Summit 2015

Understanding the customer – the key to a sustainable business

15 April, 2015

Jose Maria Perez: IMTJ Summit 2015

Developing markets in Asia

15 April, 2015

Sherene Azli: IMTJ Summit 2015

What’s in a brand? The art and science of destination branding

15 April, 2015

Ilan Geva: IMTJ Summit 2015

Establishing an international patient department

15 April, 2015

Eve Jokel: IMTJ Summit 2015

The emerging market… Russia

15 April, 2015

Kim Waddoup: IMTJ Summit 2015

The role of the “Go Between” in medical travel

15 April, 2015

Zehra Sipahi: IMTJ Summit 2015

The EU Directive Getting the Message Across

15 April, 2015

Keith Pollard: IMTJ Summit 2015

Building an international medical practice in the USA

15 April, 2015

Leonard Karp: IMTJ Summit 2015

The EU Directive: Putting it into practice: A UK perspective

15 April, 2015

David Botterill: IMTJ Summit 2015



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