IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2016


This event brought together the best people in the medical tourism sector to share their knowledge and experience and ensure the long term development of this industry. The IMTJ summit was aimed at senior decision makers involved in the medical tourism and international patient market.

IMTJ 2016

The IMTJ summit delivered great value and great opportunities for all those involved. Guests found opportunities to meet with some of the key players in the industry. The summit had:

  • GREAT speakers. They handpicked their speakers. People who have true insight and knowledge AND who can get their message across to a multinational conference audience.
  • GREAT content. They focused on the real issues facing the industry. They delivered content that is of VALUE to those who want to grow their medical tourism business.
  • GREAT timing, It’s run by a bunch of Brits. We invented Big Ben. Our sessions don’t overrun. Lunch will take place at lunchtime… not at tea time!
  • GREAT company. Plenty of opportunities to network, set up one to one meetings and to participate in the b2b encounters business networking event.
  • GREAT weather. Madrid in May is glorious. A great opportunity to explore this famous city

The agenda?

The IMTJ 2016 summit focused on some of the major challenges and issues faced in the medical tourism market, including:

  • The state of the market
  • The European perspective
  • The Asian perspective
  • The Middle East perspective
  • The corporate purchaser’s perspective
  • The agency/facilitator model
  • Technology in medical tourism
  • Adopting a marketing mindset
  • Delivering an outstanding international patient experience
  • Ethical, legal and regulatory aspects of medical travel

The venue

IMTJ 2016 was at the Hotel Melia Avenida America in Madrid. Located just a few minutes from Madrid Barajas International Airport the hotel has excellent access to and from any part of the City. Completely renovated in 2011, the hotel offers spacious, elegant and recently refurbished rooms, fine dining with the best Mediterranean and international dishes, a spa, a full wellness centre, gym, a magnificent terrace, and a spectacular Convention Centre where the summit will take place.

Contact information

Event: IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2016

Event Date : 24/05/2016 to 26/05/2016

Venue: Meliá Avenida América, Calle de Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 36, Madrid 28027, Spain

Event director: Sarah Ward


Tel: +44 (0)1442 817817

Event website:

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