The Medical Tourism Training Short Course


The medical tourism training short course – is a professional skills improvement program for medical travel sector specialists. Attending this course will help you to improve your business best practices for medical tourism business based on the adaptation and implementation of global standards for the Russian-speaking market.

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Space is available for only 50 participants

International Medical Tourism School event in progress

Who Should Attend This Training?

  • Medical tourism operators and facilitators already working in medical tourism who desire to take away valuable advice for process improvement and ideas to attract more clients.
  • Medical centers and clinics interested to explore medical tourism to attract international patients.
  • Practicing doctors and dentists who wish to cooperate with the international clinics, to learn the business and marketing skills they need to position their business for success with medical tourism.
  • Travel agents, operators and hoteliers who wish to expand their business in the direction of medical and health tourism, and those who want to develop unique package deals for their clients.
  •  Insurance companies interested to learn what is involved in adding a medical tourism benefit to their product, how to evaluate and mitigate underwriting risks and how to evaluate potential contracted network providers, facilities and case managers.
  • Private and legal entities and investors interested to evaluate potential startups or investments in ongoing medical tourism organizations. You will take away ideas for unique market entry and expansion strategies and understand what is involved to execute on the strategies you build.
  • Representatives of state and the government agencies developing health policies and regulations for medical tourism from EU/EEA markets, how to deal with the EU Cross Border Health Directive to attract patients and how we can being to create a national health and medical tourism brand for «Ukraine» in the global medical tourism market.

What you will learn:

  • How to create an effective strategy for medical tourism business development – it is so much more than selling empty hospital beds, surgery appointments, diagnostic exams, hotel rooms and airline tickets.
  • How to evaluate and promote your offers to target source markets to attract potential clients.
  • How to assess what is important to potential medical tourism clients to create relevance for your medical tourism products.
  • How best to manage all the moving parts of a medical tourism patient experience and anticipate problems to prevent them before they arise.
  • How to plan international insurance contract strategies for international patients.
  • How to adapt your product offer, and marketing messages to the international market for brand awareness, differentiation, reputation, and promises.
  • How to approach investors to partner and collaborate to grow market share, profits and returns through medical tourism business opportunities.

Celebrate with Us!

Relax and enjoy the fun as we socialize with a fun cocktail party at the end of the course to allow time for networking and making new friends and business connections in an informal setting.

Space is available for only 50 participants!

See last year-video-report here: MTEC Kiev 2014

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