Dental Care Croatia

Clinic in Split, Croatia

Dental Care Croatia is a leading dental centre in Split, Croatia. The centre`s principal goal is perfection for each patient based on the highest standards of care with special attention to details. For them, this individualised approach combined with cutting-edge technology solutions is the key to an outstanding outcome.

Dental Care Croatia offers an extensive range of dental services to suit all types of patient, regardless of age or previous dental condition. The team covers the full spectrum of specialties from dental implantology and complex aesthetic makeovers, veneers and orthodontics to conservative treatment, periodontology and oral surgery and stem cell treatments. With a commitment to first-class service and a considerate approach, their aim is to ensure that outcomes are both functional and aesthetically-pleasing, with all treatment taking place under the same roof.

The clinical team at Dental Care Croatia is led by Dr Marina A Jezina and comprises a group of eminent experts from diverse disciplines. The centre`s dentists work conservatively, insisting on minimally invasive treatment procedures to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible and exclusively using biocompatible materials.

Dental Care Croatia is experienced in welcoming international patients, providing the best possible solutions for dental rehabilitation at prices considerably lower than in the UK and many other European countries. The centre is particularly proud of its success in treating the most vulnerable groups of patients.

Treatments provided

  • Dental treatment

    Treatment Price
    Porcelain veneer £335
    Porcelain inlay/onlay £265
    Zirconia inlay/onlay £265
    Crown - Full porcelain - Empress £336
    Crown - porcelain - Zirconia £336
    Crown - Porcelain/Metal Fused (PFM) £220
    Tooth extraction - single tooth £30
    Tooth extraction - wisdom tooth £165
    Bridge (4 tooth bridge, 2 implants) £1,950
    Bridge (12 tooth bridge, 4 implants) £4,780
    Bridge (12 tooth bridge, 6 implants) £5,850
    Crowns (8 Porcelain Empress crowns) £1,770
    Crowns (8 Zirconium crowns) £2,688
    Crowns (12 Porcelain Empress crowns) £2,660
    Crowns (12 Zirconium crowns) £4,032
    Veneers (8 Porcelain veneers) £2,680
    Veneers (12 Porcelain veneers) £4,020
    Dental implant - SGS £530
    Dental implant - MIS £710
    Dental implant - Nobel Biocare £795
    Lumineers (veneers) £335
    Crown - porcelain £336
    Crown - porcelain bonded £336
    Dental hygienist (clean) £40
    Professional high pressure + polish tooth cleaning + free fluoride mineral-replenishing therapy £66
    Plaque Removal with Anaesthesia £22
    Dental X ray - Panoramic Digital £18
    Dental X ray -Small £7
    Dentures - Acrylic £390
    Dentures - Wironit £530
    Dentures - Titanium £708
    Wisdom tooth extraction (Surgical) £165
    Tooth extraction with local anaesthetic £30
    Tooth extraction with sedation Price not provided
    Tooth filling - Amalgam, large £32
    Tooth filling - Amalgam, small £26
    Tooth filling - Composite, large £62
    Tooth filling - Composite, small £31
    Tooth filling - Glass Ionomer ement, large £49
    Tooth filling - Glass Ionomer Cement, small £31
    Tooth straightening - Smilelign £828
    Tooth whitening -One hour treatment £120
    Tooth whitening - Chemical £120
    Tooth whitening - Laser £120
    Tooth whitening - Take Home Kit £120
    Apiectomy (root-end resection) £45
    Root canal treatment - Back teeth £27
    Root canal treatment - Front teeth £27
    Tooth decay (Caries) diagnostic and treatment £97
    Tooth whitening - BrightSmile Price not provided
    Braces Ceramic - Fixed £1,415
    Braces Clear Fixed - Damon £1,415
    Braces Metal Fixed - Damon £1,415
    Crowns (8 Porcelain/Metal Fused (PFM)) £1,760
    Crowns (12 Porcelain/Metal Fused (PFM)) £2,640
  • Stem cell treatment

  • Cosmetic treatments (non-surgical)



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Dental Care Croatia

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