Dental Holidays Crete

Clinic in Crete, Greece

Dental Holidays Crete in Heraklion, Crete, has been treating patients since 1996 and provides the full range of dental services, along with specialized oral surgery and periodontology services. It is run by renowned dentist Dr. George Vardakis. A state-of-the-art facility, the dental clinic is committed to maintaining high levels of hygiene in order to provide consistency and accountability to their patients.

Crete is one of the best international destinations for dental treatment as they offer high levels of quality and professionalism, guaranteeing you will be happy with your treatment, all at a competitive price.

The clinic is easily accessible, with direct flights to Crete being available from most major European airports. There is also no language barrier as the staff at the clinic speak fluent English.

Patients also benefit from the opportunity to see the results of their treatments on plaster models created using moulds from their own mouths.

Payment can be made either cash or via credit card, with the option of making payment in installments.

Treatments provided

  • Dental treatment

    Treatment Price
    Porcelain inlay £200
    Porcelain veneer £300
    Crown - Full porcelain - zirconium (e.g. PROCERA or LAVA) £390
    Tooth extraction - single tooth £50
    Tooth extraction - wisdom tooth £200
    Tooth whitening - One hour treatment £170
    Bridge (4 tooth bridge, 2 implants) £3,000
    Bridge (12 tooth bridge, 6 implants) £7,350
    Crowns (8 Porcelain crowns) £2,400
    Crowns (8 Zirconium crowns) £3,120
    Crowns (12 Porcelain crowns) £3,600
    Crowns (12 Zirconium crowns) £4,680
    Veneers (8 Porcelain veneers) £2,400
    Veneers (12 Porcelain veneers) £3,600
    Dental implant - Nobel Biocare £650
    Crown - porcelain £300
    Crown - porcelain bonded £300
    Dental hygienist (clean) £60
    Dentures - Full acrylic £1,050
    Dentures - Upper OR lower, acrylic £530
    Wisdom tooth extraction £200
    Tooth filling - Composite, small £50
    Tooth filling - Composite, large £70
    Tooth straightening (invisalign) £1,500
    Apiectomy (root-end resection) £200
    Root canal treatment - Back teeth £250
    Root canal treatment - Front teeth £150


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Dental Holidays Crete

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