Garavelas Medical Group

Clinic in Athens, Greece

Garavelas Medical Group is the Official Partner of Io Life – IASO Clinic in Athens, Greece.

Dr. Athanasios Garavelas, MD, MSc, MMSC, Phd, is an experienced fertility specialist and consultant gynaecologist based at the Institute of Life (IOLIFE) at the Gynaecological and Obstetric Clinic (IASO) in Athens, Greece. Trained at La Sapienza, University of Rome, and at the University of Athens, his specialist interests include IVF, failed IVF, recurrent implantation failure, egg donation, sperm donation, endometriosis, laparoscopic surgery and the management of high risk pregnancy.

As the IOLIFE-IASO Scientific Co-ordinator for international patients, Dr. Garavelas works with a specialist multi-disciplinary team to provide individualised fertility treatments at prices that are fair and affordable. The state-of-the-art clinic meets ISO 9001 standards for quality and safety and is the only ART unit in Greece that has reached Temos certification status. A cutting-edge monitoring system guarantees the best laboratory conditions and by using the RI Witness system, the clinic provides the safeguards and monitors necessary to provide total peace of mind to patients. Success rates are high.

Dr. Garavelas`s approach is to provide safe, individualised, evidence-based treatment supported by common sense decisions. Services he offers include IVF/ICSI, egg donation, gynaecological surgery, pregnancy care including the management of high risk pregnancy, surrogacy, mitochondrial replacement techniques (MRT), ovarian rejuvenation and genetic testing.

Treatments provided

  • Scans and investigations

    Treatment Price
    Pregnancy scan: 2D anomaly ultrasound scan £90
    Pregnancy scan: 2D early pregnancy/viability scan £90
    Pregnancy scan: 2D fetal growth ultrasound scan £140
    Pregnancy scan: 2D gender/sexing ultrasound scan £140
    Pregnancy scan: 2D presentation ultrasound scan £140
    Pregnancy scan: 3D ultrasound scan £150
    Pregnancy scan: 4D ultrasound scan £150
    Pregnancy screen (nuchal translucency screen) £250
  • Gynaecology

  • Infertility treatment

  • Sexual medicine

  • Maternity services



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Garavelas Medical Group

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