Grey Matters International, Inc

Clinic in Tulsa, USA

Owned and founded by Dr Kevin Fleming PhD, Grey Matters International is a unique consulting service to bring about lasting behaviour change and development using neuroscience, best-practiced based techniques.

Suitable for those struggling with issues such as addiction, depression, anxiety, stress, burnout and ADHD, the brain-based customised service is an effective alternative to often endless rehab and therapy. It brings about real changes in the way the brain works by rewiring established patterns around the neural networks, breaking compulsive and impulsive behaviours.

Recognised as a leader in the field of the neuroscience of behaviour change, Dr Fleming has featured in leading media outlets in the USA, including CNN and The New York Times and has been endorsed by faculty members at both Harvard Business and Medical Schools.

Dr Fleming provides one-to-one coaching, visiting clients all over the world. Former clients include Hollywood ‘derailed notables’ and hundreds of executives and professionals on five continents. Prospective clients are invited to contact him for a free one hour consultation.

Treatments provided

  • Addiction treatment

    Treatment Price
    Private, Concierge-Based Price not provided
    One-on-one coaching Price not provided
    Psychological Assessments Price not provided
  • Rehabilitation (physical)

  • Mental health treatment

  • Counselling


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Grey Matters International, Inc

1611 S. Utica Ave.


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