Vistalaser oftalmologia

Private hospital in Malaga, Spain

Vistaláser oftalmologia provide ophthalmic diagnostics and laser eye surgery using the very latest technology at clinics in Malaga, Marbella and Grenada in Spain. Using 100% all laser LASIK surgery with a femtosecond laser and wavefront technology they offer precision treatment of refractive problems such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. They also provide modern solutions for presbyopia in the form of PresbyLASIK and multifocal and adaptive intraocular lenses, as well as laser phacoemulsification of cataracts.

Other treatments available at Vistaláser clinics include treatment of keratoconus, eyelid surgery and surgery for watery eyes caused by obstruction in the tear duct (dacryocystorhinostomy). Patients undergoing refractive eye procedures and laser cataract surgery are free to return home immediately following the intervention. However, it is recommended that those visiting for oculoplastic surgery stay at least three days in order to attend a postoperative examination; any subsequent follow-ups can be carried out by the patient’s home ophthalmologist, with telephone or email assistance from the Vistaláser surgeon, if necessary.

The ophthalmic surgeons at Vistaláser are highly experienced and skilled, having performed over 7,000 femtosecond laser surgeries and implanted over 2,000 intraocular lenses. Prices competitive and affordable, with Femtosecond LASIK Bladeless eye surgery costing 2050 Euros for both eyes.

Treatments provided

  • Eye surgery

    Treatment Price
    Cataract removal and lens implant (IOL) Price not provided
    Cataract surgery Price not provided
    Glaucoma surgery Price not provided
    Laser correction of poor sight (LASIK) Price not provided
    Squint correction Price not provided

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Vistalaser oftalmologia

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