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Life support for medical travel

02 September, 2020

Planning for pauses in demand

China builds domestic medical travel

14 August, 2020

Don’t write off Hainan as a competitor


What they want

19 March, 2015

The evolving expectations and demands of medical tourism visitors

Out competing free

03 March, 2015

Marketing strategies for private health care providers

The Other Side

22 December, 2014

Do governments destroy their own countries' brand?

Saying NO

24 November, 2014

Why some countries are turning their back on medical tourism.

Dissecting the sector

10 September, 2014

The lack of credible data is one of the major shortcomings of the medical travel sector

Medical tourism in Ukraine

29 August, 2014

An update on medical tourism development in Ukraine

Growth in stagnant waters

14 July, 2014

How start-ups can thrive despite the industry

Do your research

09 June, 2014

Knowing your market is key to success

Go compare

22 May, 2014

Comparison sites, a threat or opportunity?

Blind faith

08 May, 2014

A trustworthy service is more important than ever

Don't just do it!

31 May, 2013

Strategy and planning are key to success

The Crimean sanatoria

14 March, 2013

Are there opportunities for the Crimean sanatoria?

Barbados' medical tourism

28 February, 2013

Krystyna Adams provides an update on Barbados' medical tourism aims

Starting with a strategy

11 September, 2012

How to create a strategy for a destination

The American tourist

13 July, 2012

International Americans have not arrived, but what about domestic travel?


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A serious impact on healthcare-related business

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09 June, 2020

Technology is bringing international healthcare to where the patient lives

Medical travel and the impact of COVID-19

12 May, 2020

How are medical travel players responding?

The road to recovery

15 April, 2020

What will re-stimulate international patient business?