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Life support for medical travel

02 September, 2020

Planning for pauses in demand

Access to European healthcare

02 September, 2020

UK-EU negotiations threaten healthcare access

Medical tourism to Iran

18 August, 2020

How can Iran attract more Iraqi medical travellers?

China builds domestic medical travel

14 August, 2020

Don’t write off Hainan as a competitor


Understanding the market

03 June, 2011

Why would you want to get into the medical tourism market?

QHA Trent accreditation

12 May, 2011

QHA Trent provides independent accreditation for hospital across the world

The shrinking world

15 April, 2011

The medical tourism world is shrinking, but is this good news?

Understanding TEMOS

07 April, 2011

TEMOS speaks on their international service of accreditation

Why the Cayman Islands matter

25 March, 2011

Ian Youngman talks on the Cayman Islands and their role in medical tourism

Insurance tourism

07 March, 2011

How will health insurers adapt to medical tourism?

Medical tourism lost

25 February, 2011

How the industry lost its way and how it can get back on track

A legal perspective

18 February, 2011

A discussion on the legal ramification of medical tourism in the USA

Enhancing knowledge

04 February, 2011

The Centre for Medical Tourism Research speaks on their goals

Exploring the health tourism market

28 January, 2011

Constantine Constantinides provides advice as to understanding the health tourism market

EU directive: Cross-Border healthcare

19 January, 2011

Ian Youngman looks at the challenges of implementation of Cross-Border healthcare

New model for medical tourism

13 January, 2011

Cyprus' model for medical tourism is examined by Caroline Ratner

Thousands, not millions

05 January, 2011

A new study reveals the real numbers of American medical tourism

Backtracking on non-compete clause

20 December, 2010

The US Medical Tourism Association responds to criticism on its non-compete clause

Managing exchange rates

17 December, 2010

Graham Stanton shares his thoughts on the effect of the exchange rate


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For how long can medical tourism businesses survive?

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The rise of COVID-safe certificates

IMTJ Survey: How is COVID-19 impacting medical travel?

22 July, 2020

A serious impact on healthcare-related business

Will telemedicine replace medical travel?

09 June, 2020

Technology is bringing international healthcare to where the patient lives

Medical travel and the impact of COVID-19

12 May, 2020

How are medical travel players responding?