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Life support for medical travel

02 September, 2020

Planning for pauses in demand

Access to European healthcare

02 September, 2020

UK-EU negotiations threaten healthcare access

Medical tourism to Iran

18 August, 2020

How can Iran attract more Iraqi medical travellers?

China builds domestic medical travel

14 August, 2020

Don’t write off Hainan as a competitor


Medical tourism both inbound and out

13 November, 2009

Nigel Mercer gives his views on the UK's medical tourism industry

Getting social

06 November, 2009

Medical tourism industries live and die on their press, but how good is the news ?

Combating fraud and corruption

29 October, 2009

Paul Vincke talks on how the EHFCN tries to counter fraud and corruption

Legal, decent, honest and true

22 October, 2009

Ian Youngman considers whether the medical tourism industry is both legal and ethical

The resentment factor

15 October, 2009

Health tourism is often resented by countries, but can it have positive effects?

Where do we go from here?

09 October, 2009

Caroline Ratner summarises the debate around 'Who owns medical tourism?'

Who owns medical tourism?

02 October, 2009

The MTA sues the IMTA over service mark infringement. Can "medical tourism" be owned?

Free and open debate

22 September, 2009

Constantine Constantinides voices concern over the expression of opinions in the industry

Medical tourism in Africa

17 September, 2009

Africa is changing, and industry standards are now more important than ever

An MBA in medical tourism

10 September, 2009

Robert Gerl has set up an MBA in medical tourism, we ask him why.

Meeting the insurance need

03 September, 2009

We talk to Caroline Ratner, founder of the first medical travel insurance company

Looking back at '08

25 August, 2009

Ian Youngman looks at the predictions made back in 2008

Building a successful business

19 August, 2009

Michael Horowitz explains why moving into medical tourism may be the wrong move

Demand in the Gulf

14 August, 2009

Hadi Malaeb talks on the growth of medical tourism in the Gulf

The quality of care

03 August, 2009

We speak to Zahid Hamid on the quality of care in medical tourism


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For how long can medical tourism businesses survive?

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02 September, 2020

The rise of COVID-safe certificates

IMTJ Survey: How is COVID-19 impacting medical travel?

22 July, 2020

A serious impact on healthcare-related business

Will telemedicine replace medical travel?

09 June, 2020

Technology is bringing international healthcare to where the patient lives

Medical travel and the impact of COVID-19

12 May, 2020

How are medical travel players responding?