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Medical tourism in 2016

01 November, 2016

The upside down world of medical tourism

How to win an award

19 October, 2016

Thinking of entering an industry awards program? Want to know how to win?

Medical tourism cruises?

04 October, 2016

All aboard for a healthy trip

Health tourism improvements

21 September, 2016

Making health tourism “truly” sustainable and resilient – for all

Medical tourism associations reducing?

01 September, 2016

Where have all the national and regional associations gone?

Your opinion matters!

19 August, 2016

Participate in the IMTJ Medical Tourism Climate Survey 2016

Medical tourism 2016 overview

18 August, 2016

Medical tourism in 2016: What has changed?

Healthcare after Brexit

04 August, 2016

The future of cross border healthcare in Europe

Malaysia on the up

11 July, 2016

Malaysia... Challenging perceptions in health tourism

Poland's upcoming spa destination

23 June, 2016

Can Busko Zdroj become the new medical thermal spa destination of Europe?

The EU debate

20 June, 2016

Brexit and medical tourism

Slow progress for US medical travel

07 June, 2016

Why have US employers failed to adopt medical tourism?

Cross border payments

31 May, 2016

International Patient Payments – More than an afterthought

Are you insured for medical travel?

19 May, 2016

The US health insurance market and medical travel: Separating fact from fiction

Rescue under way

01 April, 2016

International rescue plan announced for San Seriffe medical tourism project


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