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Fact from fiction

30 June, 2015

Analysing the latest "internet" facts on medical tourism

Russian Patients

15 June, 2015

An update on medical tourism from Russia

A fortune in pyramids

12 June, 2015

Is there a fortune at the bottom of the medical tourism pyramid?

Holiday dialysis - medical tourism?

28 May, 2015

Dialysis away from home: is this medical tourism? (and is that the question which matters?)

What are they up to...

28 May, 2015

Competitor analysis in medical tourism

Working with competitors in medical tourism

08 May, 2015

Who are your nearest competitors in inbound health and medical tourism?

on the Medical Travel Summit...

08 May, 2015

Reflections on the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2015… going forward

Patients know best

08 May, 2015

Learn from the real experts in medical tourism - the patients!

Patient experience, part 2

10 April, 2015

A tale of two healthcare providers: The patient / customer experience, part 2 of 3 – the best of times

Fakes, scams and frauds

19 March, 2015

How do you know who is telling the truth?

What they want

19 March, 2015

The evolving expectations and demands of medical tourism visitors

Out competing free

03 March, 2015

Marketing strategies for private health care providers

Keeping the crown

02 February, 2015

Continuous quality management in Dental clinics

Critical communication

30 January, 2015

Language barriers: A challenge for optimal health care abroad?

Technology and legality

22 January, 2015

The future of fertility travel


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