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Survivor bias

23 January, 2012

Past success is no predictor of future eminence

Investment in the Middle East

06 January, 2012

IMTJ spoke to Dr Mussaad Al-Rozouki on healthcare development in the middle east

Trends for 2012

30 December, 2011

We look at the future of medical tourism in 2012

Kolkata tragedy

19 December, 2011

94 dead in a major fire, what does this mean for India's medical tourism industry?

Medical reform

02 December, 2011

What does the Affordable Care Act mean for medical tourism?

Everyone's a critic

18 November, 2011

Medical tourism has a bad reputation, but what can we do about that?

Top ten tourist destinations

14 November, 2011

Ian Youngman tries to pick out the top 2012 medical tourism destinations

Turkey, bucking the trend

04 November, 2011

In a difficult market Turkey is still making progress, but why?

Misspell Bumrungrad? Visit the MTA

27 October, 2011

MTA's domain registration activities steal away Bumrungrad's visitors

Gamete shortage

27 October, 2011

Will changes to donation payment help solve the lack of UK sperm and eggs donations

Healthcare standards

21 October, 2011

Do standards need to have a regional flavour?

Can Europe lead the way?

07 October, 2011

Can Cross Border Healthcare help develop medical tourism in Europe

Is it enough?

28 September, 2011

Can medical tourism on its own be sustainable?

Wellness and medical tourism

22 September, 2011

Are wellness and medical tourism industries two different topics?

Is medical tourism behind the curve?

16 September, 2011

Friends, Fans and Followers are becoming a powerful market force


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