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Choosing a destination

15 March, 2013

What comes first when choosing a destination?

The Crimean sanatoria

14 March, 2013

Are there opportunities for the Crimean sanatoria?

Barbados' medical tourism

28 February, 2013

Krystyna Adams provides an update on Barbados' medical tourism aims

Changing motivations

01 February, 2013

Is medical tourism experiencing a shift from 'have to' to 'want to'

Disaster planning

01 February, 2013

What happens when things go wrong?

Digital care

18 January, 2013

How consumerism, globalisation and the internet are changing healthcare

Medical tourism in Poland

18 January, 2013

Certifying care in the Polish medical tourism industry

Powerhouses of medical tourism

04 January, 2013

What economies are booming in the medical tourism industries?

The numbers

14 December, 2012

Ian Youngman revisits the figures of medical tourism

Malaysia, the best kept secret

03 December, 2012

How Malaysia is developing as a medical tourism destination

"Destination branding"

03 December, 2012

What is this latest buzz phrase all about?

Poland invests in medical tourism

16 November, 2012

Dr Ada Kostrz-Kostecka talks about the new Polish medical tourism initiative

Best international practices

16 November, 2012

Five key themes for adopting best practice

Conjoint Analysis

22 October, 2012

A research tool for medical tourism

Discovering medical tourism

22 October, 2012

Despite the recession, there's still growth in medical tourism


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