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EU directive: Cross-Border healthcare

19 January, 2011

Ian Youngman looks at the challenges of implementation of Cross-Border healthcare

New model for medical tourism

13 January, 2011

Cyprus' model for medical tourism is examined by Caroline Ratner

Thousands, not millions

05 January, 2011

A new study reveals the real numbers of American medical tourism

Backtracking on non-compete clause

20 December, 2010

The US Medical Tourism Association responds to criticism on its non-compete clause

Managing exchange rates

17 December, 2010

Graham Stanton shares his thoughts on the effect of the exchange rate

NHS perspective on Cross Border Care

10 December, 2010

Rob Dickman speaks on the EU Cross Border Healthcare plans

Destination Cyprus

06 December, 2010

Caroline Ratner attended the recent Health Destination Cyprus event

Government incentives for health tourism

29 November, 2010

Constantine Constantinides speaks on the role of government in medical travel

What do we know?

10 November, 2010

Ian Youngman comments on an academic review of medical tourism

Implications of online advertising rules

27 October, 2010

New rules may affect how medical treatment is advertised online

Travel maturity

15 October, 2010

Scott Frankum speaks on market maturity and how it may cause a sea change

IWHTA release their findings

08 October, 2010

IWHTA spoke on their survey of Indian Healthcare facilities

Changing trends

30 September, 2010

How changes in tourism will affect medical travel

Joining forces

22 September, 2010

JCI and Bupa join forces to assess hospital quality

Where are we now?

17 September, 2010

An update on the EU directive on Cross Border Healthcare


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