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Medical tourism clusters

10 August, 2012

Is there any point of clusters beyond the hype?

The onus of care

10 August, 2012

Healthcare providers can not rely on certification to draw customers

Regulating facilitators

27 July, 2012

Why regulation is needed in medical tourism

The American tourist

13 July, 2012

International Americans have not arrived, but what about domestic travel?

Judging quality

15 June, 2012

Are certification and accreditation useful guides for a service's quality?

Tourism "free zones"

01 June, 2012

What are the goals and benefits?

International medical children

18 May, 2012

How the EU directive may stimulate an increase in child care

Medical tourism attacked

18 May, 2012

Spain and the UK speak out against medical tourism

PIP implants

04 May, 2012

The PIP scandal could provide a landmark case for medical tourism

On ice?

23 April, 2012

Dr Constantine Constantinides talks on the EU directive on Cross Border Healthcare

All that glisters

10 April, 2012

San Serriffe made an impact on the medical travel world, but never existed

San Serriffe's billion dollar plans

01 April, 2012

How San Serriffe plans to massively expand its medical tourism industry

Changing world

23 March, 2012

Ian Youngman talks on how the world of medical tourism has changed

What's in a brand name?

06 March, 2012

What part of a brand does a customer remember the logo, the name, or their treatment?

Short/long term

06 March, 2012

Which should we focus on in medical tourism


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