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Gamete shortage

27 October, 2011

Will changes to donation payment help solve the lack of UK sperm and eggs donations

Healthcare standards

21 October, 2011

Do standards need to have a regional flavour?

Can Europe lead the way?

07 October, 2011

Can Cross Border Healthcare help develop medical tourism in Europe

Is it enough?

28 September, 2011

Can medical tourism on its own be sustainable?

Wellness and medical tourism

22 September, 2011

Are wellness and medical tourism industries two different topics?

Is medical tourism behind the curve?

16 September, 2011

Friends, Fans and Followers are becoming a powerful market force

A public health concern

26 August, 2011

Do short term savings outweigh medical tourism's long term risks?

The future of spa tourism

01 August, 2011

Dr László Puczkó presents a report on the future of spa tourism.

From private to NHS

22 July, 2011

How to lose a hospital in eight easy years!

Infertility treatment abroad

15 July, 2011

Why UK patients are travelling abroad for infertility treatment

The brand

08 July, 2011

Ilan Geva talks about what branding means in medical tourism

Recovering UK tourism

23 June, 2011

Is outbound tourism from the UK recovering?

Secret shoppers

10 June, 2011

Can hidden auditors help improve customer service in medical tourism

Understanding the market

03 June, 2011

Why would you want to get into the medical tourism market?

QHA Trent accreditation

12 May, 2011

QHA Trent provides independent accreditation for hospital across the world


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