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Cross border suits

18 March, 2010

Could your clinic be sued in a UK court?

Are you complying?

12 March, 2010

Ian Youngman examines the new European Union Provision of Services regulation

What is a medical tourist?

12 March, 2010

Medical tourism statistics: Comparing apples with apples ....

A hospital check-up

04 March, 2010

Vivek Shukla asks how healthy is your hospital?

Spotlight on EMTC

04 March, 2010

We take a look at the upcoming European Medical Travel Conference

Blowing their own trumpet

26 February, 2010

Is there any noise from the market, or is it all in the industry?

The role of accreditation

18 February, 2010

What does accreditation mean to a medical tourist business

Sink or swim?

10 February, 2010

Cruise ship medical tourists are a growing phenomenon, can it work?

Shaping your service

04 February, 2010

Maria Todd looks at how a healthcare organisation can manage it's products

Top ten hospitals

27 January, 2010

Are assessments really fair?

Brightest Africa

20 January, 2010

Is Africa always a exporter, or can it be a healthcare destination?

The outlook for 2010

14 January, 2010

Reality bites in the market, what can we expect for 2010?

Why we need facilitators

23 December, 2009

Mike Silford speaks on why medical tourism facilitators in the industry

Cross-border opposition

10 December, 2009

Spain and other nations blocked the draft proposal, we ask the experts why

The forgotten destination

10 December, 2009

Oft overlooked, London could well be a slumbering giant in medical tourism


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