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Medical tourism in denial

30 July, 2009

Supply is exceeding demand in medical tourism, but the industry is in denial

Quality of global care

27 July, 2009

Ronald Johnson suggests how people can make informed choices on healthcare

Marketing your hospital

22 July, 2009

Vivek Shukla speaks on how to market your hospital

Conference: Competition hots up

16 July, 2009

Ian Youngman looks at the competitive market for medical tourism speakers

Past experience and patient choice

09 July, 2009

Keith Pollard talks on how patient choice is affecting the market?

IMTA Column

01 July, 2009

The IMTA seeks to bring together writers in the industry

Report on JCI Advanced Practicum

01 July, 2009

The JCI recently held their first Advanced Practicum on building accreditation

Retaining customers

15 June, 2009

Building brand loyalty in medical tourism

Will the boss pick up the bill?

26 May, 2009

Can businesses insurers break into the medical tourism market

McKinsey's got it wrong

26 May, 2009

A recent report on the industry makes some serious errors

The hottest American destinations

15 May, 2009

One country serves travelling American medical care more than any other. America

New ideas: Image makeover

14 May, 2009

Medical travel needs to combat the negative perception in the global media

Peak of health

12 May, 2009

Matilda International Hospital's quality healthcare has patients knocking at their door

Where do Americans go abroad?

12 May, 2009

Just as we don't know how many Americans travel for care, we have no figures as to where

Americans travelling abroad for care

10 May, 2009

Do we have any idea how many Americans would travel abroad for treatment?


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