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Building brand loyalty

30 January, 2009

Vivek Shulka talks on how to build brand loyalty in medical tourism

2008 report on medical tourism

10 December, 2008

The World-Wide Business Guide is a new, 600-page, report by Ian Youngman

Too many beds, not enough patients

10 November, 2008

The current industry is expanding, but is it really expanding into a market?

McKinsey conducts research into medical travel

10 November, 2008

Hard figures on the medical travel industry have been produced, can the industry take them?

Patients without Borders

10 October, 2008

IMTJ looks at Nathan G.Cortez's new paper at the growth of international medical tourism

India powers ahead

01 October, 2008

India's is becoming a major hub of medical travel

The technological advantage

15 September, 2008

Medical technology is becoming a reason that patients choose a facility

Offering a premium service

10 September, 2008

IMTJ looks at the new insurance products coming to market

A tale of two models

10 September, 2008

Can we think of the industry as Medical Tourism or International Medical Travel

MTA inaugural meeting

10 September, 2008

The Medical Tourism Association will hold its first meeting on December 3rd

Medical Tourism in Developing Countries

10 August, 2008

IMTJ reviews a new book on medical tourism in developing countries

Manila's expertise

26 July, 2008

Manila shows off it's expertise in international medical travel

The value of medical travel

01 July, 2008

The industry discusses the best way to describe itself

The accommodation issue

01 July, 2008

Facilities and accommodation providers have a tentative relationship with the industry

The biggest challenges

01 June, 2008

Christopher Jones and Louis Keith speak on the biggest challenges facing medical tourism


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