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A cautionary tale

01 May, 2008

Darrell Douglas reports on the legal thorns of international medical travel in the USA

Caring and curing

01 May, 2008

The Philippines hopes to build on it's reputation with service quality

Comparing European health

10 April, 2008

A recent survey showed the large differences in quality between European healthcare

Why Indonesians go overseas

10 April, 2008

Many Indonesians go abroad for medical care, but why?

Tracking quality

08 April, 2008

IMTA's open letter to the industry to better measure quality in medical travel

Korea: the rising star

25 March, 2008

Although new to health travel, Korea has a wealth of medical expertise

Travellers and accommodation

10 March, 2008

Medical travellers are to leisure, what MICE is to business

Perfect pairing

01 March, 2008

IMTJ looks at two profiles of medical facilitators

Health, the next big thing

10 February, 2008

Is medical treatment the next big thing for the travel industry

Dissatisfied patients

10 February, 2008

Does the industry always have to deal with dissatisfied customers?

Singapore: State of health

31 December, 2007

Kenny Coyle looks at Singapore and it's hospitals as part of the medical tourism industry

Singapore: State of health

31 December, 2007

We look at the hospitals of Singapore as major players for international patients

World health tourism congress

01 January, 2007

This year's World Health Tourism Congress in Cyprus was a success


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