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Are you insured for medical travel?

19 May, 2016

The US health insurance market and medical travel: Separating fact from fiction

Rescue under way

01 April, 2016

International rescue plan announced for San Seriffe medical tourism project

Global travel trends

01 April, 2016

How will tourism fare in 2016?

Zika virus repercussions

01 April, 2016

Does Zika pose a threat to medical tourism?

Russian market examined

15 March, 2016

The changing nature of the Russian medical tourism market

Tourism troubles in Turkey

14 March, 2016

2016: A lost year for medical tourism in Turkey?

A Gulf of medical tourism?

26 February, 2016

How is the falling oil price affecting medical tourism in the Middle East?

Rising popularity of wellness travel

25 January, 2016

Health and wellness and the luxury market

Is Asia getting it wrong?

10 December, 2015

Medical tourism is not global: Are asian hospitals targeting the wrong markets?

The rise of domestic medical tourism

10 December, 2015

Why more and more medical tourism business is becoming “domestic”

Partnership pays off in Dubai

27 November, 2015

Dubai and London: A winning combination in ophthalmology

What's my target market?

27 November, 2015

Targeting medical tourists... demographics are dead...adapt or perish!

How to attract medical tourists

27 November, 2015

"Trust" and medical service providers: A view from the dialysis travel sector

Brave new world

30 October, 2015

A European Health System? Exploring the EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive

Best kept secret

30 October, 2015

Unveiling Portugal: Medical travel, health tourism, retirement


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