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Attracting Chinese patients

30 April, 2020

Ditch brochures and ‘old’ tech if you want patients from China


Medical travel in Europe

12 May, 2020

What is the future of medical travel in Europe?

COVID-19 impact on medical tourism

11 March, 2020

COVID-19: medical tourism could be affected until 2021

What is stifling medical travel?

05 March, 2020

Unclear international standards hold back medical tourism

Reproductive care in the Middle East

22 January, 2020

What is driving demand for IVF in the Middle East?

Improving CEE healthcare

26 June, 2019

Central and Eastern Europe - medical tourism attractiveness

Right message, right time

17 July, 2018

How to adapt your marketing to the online behaviour of medical travellers

Beyond bricks & mortar

27 April, 2018

How technology is shifting medical care out of a hospital setting

Trends in global healthcare

21 December, 2017

Health trends and predictions for 2018

Tele-surgery and medical tourism

22 March, 2017

Is tele-surgery a threat to medical tourism?

How hospitals use their websites

12 December, 2016

How hospitals in India, Malaysia and Thailand use their websites to promote medical tourism

Cross border payments

31 May, 2016

International Patient Payments – More than an afterthought

Holiday dialysis - medical tourism?

28 May, 2015

Dialysis away from home: is this medical tourism? (and is that the question which matters?)

Technology and legality

22 January, 2015

The future of fertility travel

Why "Google Health" failed

09 January, 2014

Examining the electronic health record "Death Trap"

Japan lags behind

29 April, 2009

Japan is a world class healthcare provider, but doesn't seem to want to enter the global market



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