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Turkey medical tourism regulation

09 November, 2018

New law for all Turkish medical tourism companies

South Korea inbound medical tourism

09 November, 2018

Yongsan Medical Tourism Hotel gets go ahead

Jamaica inbound medical tourism

09 November, 2018

Jamaica seeks new health and medical tourism projects


UK cosmetic surgery ad warning

13 November, 2018

Ruling from UK’s ASA impacts cosmetic surgeons

US complex healthcare

12 November, 2018

US research: dental and vision care essential

Saudi luxury wellness tourism

11 November, 2018

Amaala: plans for ultra-luxury health destination

Amazon’s global healthcare plan

10 November, 2018

Amazon healthcare for the US, Japan, India

UK outbound cosmetic surgery tourism

09 November, 2018

Turkey & Belgium cause most UK cosmetic surgery aftercare issues

Abu Dhabi inbound medical tourism

09 November, 2018

Abu Dhabi’s plan to grow medical tourism

China’s The CareVoice expands

09 November, 2018

China’s hospital & clinic rating system grows

Cuba inbound health tourism

09 November, 2018

Cuba’s health tourism for seniors

Cross border telemedicine and psychological crisis management

08 November, 2018

International Assistance Group appoints Eutelmed as Accredited Service Provider globally

UK private medical insurance trends

08 November, 2018

Stagnant UK PMI market forces innovation

South Africa Mediclinic underperformance

08 November, 2018

Revenue down across Switzerland, Middle East and South Africa

Vietnam healthcare potential

07 November, 2018

Vietnam’s growing demand for healthcare

Japan national health insurance

06 November, 2018

No evidence of abuse of Japan national health insurance by foreigners

European healthcare

05 November, 2018

Tracking public health across Europe

Global urban tourism growth

31 October, 2018

UNWTO: how to manage urban ‘over tourism’



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15 November, 2018


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