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UAE private hospital closure

07 November, 2019

DHA closes Dubai hospital for three months


Bahrain national health insurance delay

14 March, 2019

Health insurance scheme now for 2020

Reducing medical tourism scams

13 March, 2019

New consumer group to help medical tourism scam victims

US birth tourism charges

07 March, 2019

Fed crackdown on US birth tourism

Ireland-UK medical travel

01 March, 2019

Cross border healthcare will continue

Taiwan stem cell therapy

20 February, 2019

6 types of stem cell therapy allowed

UK treatments in Europe

20 February, 2019

1,396 English patients approved for treatment in Europe

Japan health insurance system

13 February, 2019

Stricter healthcare rules for foreign workers in Japan

Canada healthcare legal battle

09 February, 2019

Debate on paying for medically necessary care in Canada

Canada birth tourism research

07 February, 2019

How many babies are really born to foreign parents in Canada?

UK cosmetic surgery advert ruling

07 February, 2019

UK regulator upholds complaint on breast enlargement advert

UK outbound surrogacy travel

30 January, 2019

UK legal system may impact who goes abroad for surrogacy

India inbound medical travel

29 January, 2019

16% growth in international patients to India in 2017

Opportunities for travel companies in China

18 January, 2019

Beijing may encourage foreign travel agents

Limits on Cuba inbound medical tourism

17 January, 2019

New US sanctions on Cuba hotels and restaurants

New international hospital for Korea

16 January, 2019

Korea’s first for-profit hospital approved


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