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UAE private hospital closure

07 November, 2019

DHA closes Dubai hospital for three months


US travel ban stays

15 August, 2018

Courts uphold Trump travel ban, may impact medical tourism

Inbound UK health tourism

15 August, 2018

Cost of UK health tourists using NHS are minimal

Universal healthcare for South Africa

13 August, 2018

New legislation could create universal, state-run healthcare system

Turks and Caicos outbound treatment

24 July, 2018

Nearly 1,500 sent overseas for healthcare

Switzerland assisted suicide verdict

21 July, 2018

Dignitas founder cleared of profiteering charges

UK surrogacy law reform

19 July, 2018

3-year project to modernise UK surrogacy laws

India health data regulation

17 July, 2018

Draft law tightens health data breaches

EU data protection

05 July, 2018

GDPR may apply to non-EU medical tourism companies

Attracting UAE investment

05 July, 2018

Laws encourage medical investors, innovators and specialists

India dental tourism trial

27 June, 2018

Twist in dentist trial blames state supervision of medical tourism

Stem cell clash

24 June, 2018

Potential conflict on US stem cell treatment laws

Turkey incentivises health tourism

22 June, 2018

Political promise to push health tourism in Turkey

Dubai surgery filming ban

21 June, 2018

DHA bans using surgery films to promote treatments

Mexico lawsuits grow

20 June, 2018

More US legal action on Mexican weight loss treatment

Ecuador health insurance

13 June, 2018

Compulsory health insurance for Ecuador visitors delayed


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