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UAE private hospital closure

07 November, 2019

DHA closes Dubai hospital for three months


Healthcare associations oppose medical bill

24 November, 2017

Healthcare industry oppose draft medical liability law in Jordan

Trump travel ban

23 November, 2017

Further restrictions on travel to USA

Israel debates medical tourism law

22 November, 2017

Medical tourism law still being debated in Israel

International patient debts

21 November, 2017

Claims on medical tourism debt in the UK

Illegal organ transplants in Costa Rica

16 November, 2017

Kidney traffickers on trial in Costa Rica

Malta hospital development on hold

14 November, 2017

Smart City, Malta hospital delayed

US travel warning

13 November, 2017

US warns against travel to Cuba

Nigeria’s medical tourism troubles

30 October, 2017

No end to Nigerian outbound medical tourism

Medical tourism negotiations

27 October, 2017

Mexico wants medical tourism to be part of new trade deal

Chinese medical tourists in India

25 October, 2017

India attracting Chinese and Pakistani medical tourists

US acts on stem cell treatments

23 October, 2017

FDA raids California stem cell centre

Stem cell warning

18 October, 2017

FDA warns US Stem Cell Clinic on marketing and manufacturing

South Africa health plans

16 October, 2017

Slow progress for universal healthcare in South Africa

Cord blood scandal

13 October, 2017

Arrests in Japan for unlicensed cord blood therapies

USA acts on stem cell practices

10 October, 2017

FDA cracks down on stem cell treatment clinics


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