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Canada birth tourism politics

07 November, 2019

Is the scale of Canada’s birth tourism exaggerated?

USA inbound medical travel

10 October, 2019

Is the China/USA trade war cutting medical tourism to the USA?

Vietnam inbound medical tourism

10 October, 2019

Ho Chi Minh City’s growing medical tourism sector

Jordan inbound medical travel

28 August, 2019

34,443 medical visitors to Jordan so far this year

Japan medical tourism

09 July, 2019

Why Chinese medical tourists are heading to Japan


Malaysia medical travel: oncology

28 July, 2019

Expertise in cancer treatment encourages international patients

Malaysia woos Bangladesh medical travellers

27 July, 2019

50,000 travel from Bangladesh to Malaysia for treatment

Cambodia outbound medical travel

23 July, 2019

A third go to Vietnam and Thailand

Inbound medical travel to Malaysia

21 July, 2019

Increased flow from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Brunei

US health insurance trends

18 July, 2019

Another increase in non-insured rates

Chinese medical travel to USA

16 July, 2019

What is driving away the Chinese?

4% global tourism growth

05 July, 2019

UNWTO - Q1 2019 - increase in international arrivals

Croatia health tourism plan

04 July, 2019

Health tourism to extend Croatia’s tourist season

US tourism to Mexico

03 July, 2019

36.9m Americans travelled to Mexico in 2018

Iran inbound medical travel

26 June, 2019

300,000 per year claims health minister

Inbound medical travel to Kenya

26 June, 2019

International patients to Kenya in low ‘000s

US-China tension cuts tourism

25 June, 2019

5.7% drop in Chinese tourists to US in 2018

Romania health tourism

24 June, 2019

Growing spa tourism in Romania

Kenya outbound medical travel

20 June, 2019

Most Kenyan patients who travel abroad go for cancer treatment

Jordan inbound medical travel

20 June, 2019

Jordan medical travel sector helped by King’s support


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