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Reversing Indonesia’s medical travel flow

16 September, 2020

Can Indonesia develop medical tourism at home?

Dubai medical tourism statistics

16 September, 2020

4% growth in medical travel to Dubai, 2019

Kenya outbound medical travel

16 September, 2020

Bill regulates referrals of Kenyan patients abroad


Pushing care

14 June, 2012

South Korea targets Filipinos, Cambodians and Russians

Numbers from the Balkans

01 June, 2012

Medical tourism development in the Balkans: Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania

A state of success

01 June, 2012

Steady growth for Costa Rica medical tourism

Abusing the Spanish system

23 April, 2012

Complaints about treating foreigners - a sign of things to come on EU cross-border healthcare

In with the new

23 April, 2012

New government in Tunisia markets medical tourism

Major moves

22 March, 2012

Asia-Pacific healthcare market booming

Boom times

06 March, 2012

Record year for Malaysian medical tourism

Dispelling the myths

06 March, 2012

Medical Tourism Facts and Figures 2012

Focus on other tourists

23 February, 2012

Confusion in the Philippines

Regional care

09 February, 2012

South Africa medical tourism is not "surgeon and safari"ン

A tough year

27 January, 2012

Impact of the Arab Spring on medical tourism trade in 2011

Dominating the market

27 January, 2012

New US strategy on travel and tourism could boost medical tourism

Many differences

30 December, 2011

OECD comparisons of international health systems

Outsourced care

16 December, 2011

Why do Omanis go abroad for medical treatment?

Golden smiles

08 December, 2011

Irish patients save money by shopping around for treatment


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