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Canada birth tourism politics

07 November, 2019

Is the scale of Canada’s birth tourism exaggerated?

USA inbound medical travel

10 October, 2019

Is the China/USA trade war cutting medical tourism to the USA?

Vietnam inbound medical tourism

10 October, 2019

Ho Chi Minh City’s growing medical tourism sector

Jordan inbound medical travel

28 August, 2019

34,443 medical visitors to Jordan so far this year

Japan medical tourism

09 July, 2019

Why Chinese medical tourists are heading to Japan


Global travel trends

09 May, 2019

Top travelling nations identified

ASEAN medical tourism industry

07 May, 2019

Malaysia records medical tourism growth of 16-17%

South Korea medical travel

01 May, 2019

378,967 international patients to Korea in 2018

Singapore: where are the patients?

01 May, 2019

Medical tourism in Singapore “no longer a priority”

Turkey 2m patient target

01 May, 2019

2m international patients to Turkey by 2030

Malaysia medical travel target

01 May, 2019

US$436m target for healthcare tourism

UAE medical travel growth

01 May, 2019

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi 16% increase in international patients

Libyan flow to Tunisia drops

30 April, 2019

Libyans travel to Tunisia for treatment

Uganda’s spend on treatment in India

29 April, 2019

Uganda’s spend on treatment in India

Vietnam inbound medical travel

29 April, 2019

300,000 foreign patients treated in Vietnam

Afghanistan reduces medical travel

29 April, 2019

New Kabul cancer diagnostic centre to reduce outbound travel

UK IVF clinic regulation

26 April, 2019

Fertility clinics urged to be more honest

South Africa medical travel

26 April, 2019

What is holding South Africa back?

Tourist growth to Azerbaijan

25 April, 2019

610,800 visit Azerbaijan this year so far

Sarawak’s international patients

23 April, 2019

Malaysian state receives 50,000 foreign patients


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