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Canada birth tourism politics

07 November, 2019

Is the scale of Canada’s birth tourism exaggerated?

USA inbound medical travel

10 October, 2019

Is the China/USA trade war cutting medical tourism to the USA?

Vietnam inbound medical tourism

10 October, 2019

Ho Chi Minh City’s growing medical tourism sector

Jordan inbound medical travel

28 August, 2019

34,443 medical visitors to Jordan so far this year

Japan medical tourism

09 July, 2019

Why Chinese medical tourists are heading to Japan


International relaxation

17 June, 2009

Report on global spa market

Impressive numbers

02 June, 2009

Mexico: A million medical tourists each year?

Malaysia's wellness dreams

07 May, 2009

National medical tourism figures for 2008 revealed

Worrying downturn

30 April, 2009

European medical travel site

What numbers?

19 March, 2009

Reality check for outbound medical tourism

Malaysia's development

26 February, 2009

Medical travel growing

Seeking care

26 February, 2009

Patients travel in search of healthcare

A precise count

19 February, 2009

Official figures paint realistic picture

Attractive options

19 February, 2009

Rosy future for Turkish medical tourism

Why go abroad?

12 February, 2009

Medical paper explores health tourism

Change in focus

22 January, 2009

Cosmetic surgery silver lining for medical tourists

Inflated numbers?

22 January, 2009

2 million medical tourists expected by 2009

Major growth

15 January, 2009

Medical tourism to grow six-fold by 2015

Israel's figures

15 January, 2009

Boom in medical tourism in peril

Missed targets

27 November, 2008

Is there a crisis in Asia?


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