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India medical tourism

08 April, 2020

India’s US$3 billion medical tourism sector at risk


Turmoil hitting hard

19 May, 2011

Unrest in Middle East impacts medical tourism in Jordan, Oman and Dubai

A domestic focus

19 May, 2011

Missouri, Oklahama and New York see opportunities in domestic medical tourism

Savings abroad

12 May, 2011

Ireland tops price list for medical and dental treatments

Meeting one's maker

15 April, 2011

Survey states that 30% of women never see their cosmetic surgeon during treatment

Solid rise

07 March, 2011

Growth in medical tourism to Jordan

Dreaming on the numbers

25 February, 2011

Australia and New Zealand still optimistic on medical tourism

Solving medical travel

18 February, 2011

1 in 7 Chinese leave communities for healthcare

Travelling for cosmetic quality

14 February, 2011

One in four cosmetic surgery patients are medical tourists

Diabetes, metabolic diseases and endocrinal disorders

09 February, 2011

Fortis C-DOC: For diabetes, metabolic diseases and endocrinal disorders

Baltic tourism

28 January, 2011

Medical travel news from the Balkan states: Albania, Romania

Growth and diversity

19 January, 2011

Medical tourism developments

Ahead of the pack

19 January, 2011

Jordan is the Middle East leader in medical tourism

Massive cost disparity

04 January, 2011

IFHP survey: comparison of international healthcare costs

Global tourism

16 December, 2010

CNN Consumer Connect survey on tourism

Competition hotting up

25 November, 2010

Singapore medical tourism business grows despite competition


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