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Finance to back Malaysia healthcare

13 December, 2019

RM25 million agreed for MHTC in 2020

Canada birth tourism politics

07 November, 2019

Is the scale of Canada’s birth tourism exaggerated?

USA inbound medical travel

10 October, 2019

Is the China/USA trade war cutting medical tourism to the USA?

Vietnam inbound medical tourism

10 October, 2019

Ho Chi Minh City’s growing medical tourism sector

Jordan inbound medical travel

28 August, 2019

34,443 medical visitors to Jordan so far this year


European tourism trends

12 February, 2019

Healthy inbound travel to Europe in 2018

Turkey transplant tourism

07 February, 2019

589 foreign patients went to Turkey for kidney or liver transplant surgery

Kazakhstan inbound medical travel

07 February, 2019

2,000 foreigners treated in Kazakhstan

Zambia reduces outbound medical travel

07 February, 2019

Fewer Zambians being referred abroad

Chinese tourism to South Korea recovering

30 January, 2019

Chinese travellers to Korea rose 37.6% year-on-year

India’s Kerala attracts medical travellers

28 January, 2019

Gulf states is the key source for medical tourists to SW India

Jordan inbound tourism rise

28 January, 2019

8% rise in tourists to Jordan

Ireland cross-border medical travel

24 January, 2019

Over 3,500 Irish travelled abroad for treatment in 2018

Middle East IVF market

24 January, 2019

US$1bn IVF opportunity in Middle East and North Africa

Thailand inbound medical travellers

24 January, 2019

Bumrungrad’s source of foreign patients

Thailand healthcare market

24 January, 2019

Improvements will drive medical travel to Thailand

India hit by rising hotel costs

23 January, 2019

Hotel costs could impact India’s medical tourism flow

Chinese medical travellers

23 January, 2019

Opportunity in targeting older segments

Muslim tourism trends

21 January, 2019

New report on Muslim travel

Chinese outbound tourism data

17 January, 2019

COTRI Q3 2018 data shows slower rate of tourism growth


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