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Kazakhstan outbound medical tourism risk

10 October, 2019

Compulsory health insurance from 2020 will cut medical travel

Australia medical travel sector

12 September, 2019

Could international patient numbers to Australia grow?


Bahrain citizen health cover

17 July, 2018

Law for compulsory health cover for all

India dental tourism trial

27 June, 2018

Twist in dentist trial blames state supervision of medical tourism

Vietnam inbound medical tourism

21 June, 2018

Ho Chi Minh City publishes medical tourism guidebook to boost flow

Fixing New Zealanders’ teeth

13 May, 2018

NZ dentists claim higher numbers of bad dental tourism cases

Caribbean dental tourism hopes

08 May, 2018

Call to develop dental tourism across the Caribbean

Mexico cosmetic surgery threat

03 May, 2018

US lawsuit targets medical tourist doctors in Mexico

Athens for health tourism

30 April, 2018

Cluster to promote Greek capital as health tourism destination

Outbound UK medical tourism increase

20 December, 2017

More UK patients seeking treatment abroad

Promoting Polish medical tourism

10 December, 2017

Promoting Polish medical tourism in Europe

US healthcare insurance

08 December, 2017

Fewer uninsured Americans

New medical tourism centre for Vietnam

01 December, 2017

Medical tourism centre opens in Ho Chi Minh City

Hair and organ transplants in Pakistan

29 November, 2017

Pakistan seek to promote hair and organ transplants

Dental tourism injustice

28 November, 2017

Dental tourism injustice in Mexico

Mexico medical tourism numbers

27 November, 2017

New data on Mexican medical and health tourism

Latest data from Russia

15 November, 2017

Russia - medical tourism flows


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