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Tunisia medical tourism decline

10 June, 2020

Almost all of Tunisia’s private clinics at risk

UK dental tourism prospects

10 June, 2020

UK inbound and outbound dental travel unlikely for months


US complex healthcare

12 November, 2018

US research: dental and vision care essential

Spain health system review

07 October, 2018

Spain’s health system is resilient despite the economic downturn

Georgia inbound medical tourism

24 September, 2018

Georgia - 13,900 foreigners for treatment and recovery

Accreditation agency news

23 September, 2018

Updates from JCI, Temos, DNV

Ukraine reproductive care

20 September, 2018

Ukraine - surrogacy on the increase

Estonia healthcare review

18 September, 2018

Good progress report on Estonia’s healthcare

Vietnam dental tourism website

16 September, 2018

Official website to build dental tourism

Kazakhstan medical tourism school

26 August, 2018

Kazakhstan medical tourism… Dedicated school to help local specialists

Philippines medical tourism

17 August, 2018

Cebu’s first 4-star hotel and wellness centre

Mexico dental tourism

08 August, 2018

Mexico dental tourism negatively impacts local access

Costa Rica health tourism income

23 July, 2018

Bank data claims health and medical tourism generates $437m in 2017

Bahrain citizen health cover

17 July, 2018

Law for compulsory health cover for all

India dental tourism trial

27 June, 2018

Twist in dentist trial blames state supervision of medical tourism

Vietnam inbound medical tourism

21 June, 2018

Ho Chi Minh City publishes medical tourism guidebook to boost flow

Fixing New Zealanders’ teeth

13 May, 2018

NZ dentists claim higher numbers of bad dental tourism cases


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