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Tunisia medical tourism decline

10 June, 2020

Almost all of Tunisia’s private clinics at risk


Europe’s health spend

13 February, 2019

20% of EU health spending is wasteful

Africa inbound medical tourism

17 December, 2018

South Africa’s Med-Afrique pushes treatment in Africa

Vietnam inbound medical tourism

21 June, 2018

Ho Chi Minh City publishes medical tourism guidebook to boost flow

Korea medical travel drop

19 June, 2018

12% fewer medical tourists to South Korea in 2017

UK NHS patients not travelling

11 May, 2018

Calais Hospital failing to attract British patients

Need a Lyft to hospital?

27 April, 2018

Lyft partners with Allscripts to offer rides for patients

Call me an Uber!

04 April, 2018

Uber is providing non-emergency transport for patients in the US

23% growth in South Korea

30 January, 2018

South Korea grows its medical tourism business

Canada invests in UAE

25 January, 2018

$274 million hospital planned for Sharjah

Seeking international accreditation

29 December, 2017

DHA continues to pursue international accreditations

Malta hospital development on hold

14 November, 2017

Smart City, Malta hospital delayed

Philippines upgrades six hospitals

31 October, 2017

Cebu hospitals upgrade to attract medical tourists

Ireland encouraging EU treatment abroad

01 September, 2017

GPs encourage patients to seek treatment abroad in the EU

Hong Kong encourages medical tourism

27 August, 2017

Hong Kong Hospital offers packaged rates for medical tourists

Canada outbound numbers

24 August, 2017

63,000 Canadians travelled for medical treatment abroad in 2016


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