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Tunisia medical tourism decline

10 June, 2020

Almost all of Tunisia’s private clinics at risk


Accreditation bonus for Croatia

02 August, 2017

Croatian hospital gains healthcare accreditation

African leaders under fire

21 July, 2017

South African health minister criticises medical tourism

UK healthcare information report

08 July, 2017

UK private hospital report

Canada to Cuba medical tourism

05 July, 2017

Canadians made wary of travelling to Cuba for treatment

Kazakhstan medical tourism development

04 July, 2017

Kazakhstan plans to develop medical tourism

Iran below expectation

03 July, 2017

Iran's medical tourism targets are unrealistic

India wellness tourism initiative

27 June, 2017

New medical tourism and wellness packages in India

Medical tourism off the agenda

30 May, 2017

Little support for Singapore medical tourism

UK inbound medical tourism

09 May, 2017

Expansion plans for London clinics and hospitals

Boost for India medical tourism

25 April, 2017

New hospital chain in India

Bermuda USA issues

06 April, 2017

Bribery allegation in USA

Online platform for Malaysia

29 March, 2017

BookDoc links with TripAdvisor

Abu Dhabi medical city

13 March, 2017

New medical city for Abu Dhabi

Egypt reviving medical tourism

23 February, 2017

Egypt targets hepatitis C patients for medical tourism

Cross-border healthcare

07 February, 2017

Confusion over Ireland's cross-border healthcare scheme


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